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From the Managing Director

Hello, my name is Joe Wehbe, Founder and Managing Director of Sydney Listings. My family has been involved in Sydney’s development and real estate markets for three generations - in that time there has been serious change but there remains so much potential and opportunity to come.

Our focus at Sydney Listings is on providing boutique and off-market real estate services. This includes helping businesses and corporations search for commercial or retail space to run their businesses and take the hard work out of relocating or starting a new operation.

Secondly, we work on acquiring and transacting development sites with a particular emphasis on pre-screening, dedicated research into feasibility and then setting realistic expectations for sellers and buyers. We encourage you to reach out of us if you would like to assess the development potential of an asset for a developer, or, as a developer are looking to sell or acquire assets with specific parameters.

We are also delighted to offer personalised property management services to selective clientele. All landlords want good tenants with the best possible rent, at a reasonable price on fees, with the most peace of mind possible. We understand this simple equation requires hard work, and are open to see if we can align on a long-term property management relationship.

Please feel free to reach out if we can be helpful in anyway. Our philosophy is that less is more - focusing on the right, special clients who we can develop longstanding personal and professional relationships with.


Joe Wehbe

Managing Director